Cayleigh Stickler is an American author known for her quirky stories that explores familial relationships, the struggles with mental illness, and all aspects of human nature through the backdrop of magical realism and contemporary settings. She also write fantastical adventures for younger readers.

She has earned two degrees from the University of Tampa—a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology (emphasis in Childhood Development) and a minor in Biology, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature with a minor in Writing. She is a proud Bardophile and rereads several of Shakespeare’s plays each year, her favorite being King Lear. 

Originally from Florida, she ditched the mosquito-infested swamps in favor for Washington’s magical forests and near-constant rain. She currently lives in the middle of an oasis in Utah with her two kids and partner, and she is always looking for her next adventure.



Some of Cayleigh’s favorite indie authors are: Paul Macklin, Hugo Esteban Rodriguez, R.R. Virdi, and S.E. Anderson.

And she owes a huge thank you to her writing family, the Infinite Monkeys, which is a chapter of the League of Utah Writers

Cayleigh’s Vision:

Books, and more abstractly literature, saved Cayleigh. As a child, she endured hardships—both at home and at school—that no child should face, which led to the decision to end her life. Fortunately, she was unsuccessful, but the pain of that reality has stuck with her. From stories, written by her and other authors, she has begun to make sense of the fragmented memories of her past. Through her words, she hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams, to reach out for help, to recognize their truth, to live authentically and unapologetically, and to be kind to each other because we’re all in this together. She hopes to shine a mirror on what it means to be fallible human beings and to bridge the gap between people and cultures through literary representation.