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National Book Month [a new challenge]

October is National Book Month, so I thought it was only appropriate to do a mini-series on the blog. Here are some fun bookish facts, and here’s an article showing five ways you can get participate in NBM this month.   I’m still neck-deep in the book NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, Stephen King’s son. He’s just as …

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Spooktacular stories to thrill and chill

I love this time of year. Autumn is in full swing, lawns are decorated with all things spooktastic, children’s giggles echo down streets, and scary stories are told around campfires. Ghostly Writes Anthology is one of those proverbial campfires, and when I was invited to write a short story for the collection I decided to …

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A radar of literary proportions

Along the way, I’ll find random books that I want to check out because it piques my interest. I’m going to share one of those books with you – and the reasoning behind the…pique-ing. (That’s definitely not a word.) This is called The Eagle Tree, by Ned Hayes. It was a random book I saw …