Happy New Year! [The making of a creative life.]

Can we all just agree that 2017 was rough? Whether it was personal or political (or both-definitely both), it feels good that 2017 is over and there’s a clean slate. I debated whether or not to reflect on 2017, since that’s my New Year’s Eve tradition, and I decided it was wise to skip it this year. I already knew where I was; I didn’t have to reflect on anything. So, the logical next step was moving forward.

I decided to try something new and divide my year into four 13-week intervals. I read an article that talked about how that should increase productivity by four times. (Yeah, theoretically.) And I read another article about goal setting.

With the foundations of these in place, I was able to make some writing goals for this year.

  • Write, edit, and submit a short story each week. That’s 52 short stories (but hopefully not 52 rejection letters) this year. I’ll share each step of the process so it can be a learning experience for all of us. If you’re paying attention, that’s 13 stories each season (or 13 weeks). Follow #weeklysubmission for updates.
  • 85K90 challenge. It’s a challenge to write 85,000 words in 90 days. It was one of the more reasonable challenges I could participate in. [Season 1 from January – March] Follow #85k90 for updates.
  • 12 weeks to a trilogy challenge: Just like it sounds. Write a trilogy in twelve weeks. I’ll be writing the first three of a cozy mystery series. This is not a reasonable challenge, but I’m hoping the NaNo frenzy will sustain me. [Season 4 from October – December] Follow #12weektrilogy for updates.
  • 365 day challenge: personal goal is to write 300 words daily. Follow #365consistency for updates.


I’ve already started on the first of 52 stories, and I’m excited to share it with you in the weekly recap post on Sunday.

What are your epic writing goals for this year? What worlds are you creating?


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