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NaNo Prep

NaNo Prep Day #4: Crafting your pitch

If you’ve put away your mind map, take it out again. You’ll need it. This step is less like the traditional elevator pitch–you know, when you’re at a conference and you’re standing in an elevator with a literary agent, and you have twenty seconds (at most) to sell your story to them–and more like a …

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Prepping for Camp NaNoWriMo [2 days left]

There are only two more days before Camp NaNo. [Technically, only a day and a half.] Can you feel the tension? All that nervous excitement waiting to spill on the page? Good. We’re going to harness that energy and focus on developing your characters today. I love sketching characters, and it’s probably my favorite thing …


Countdown to Camp (five days)

If you don’t know, Camp NaNoWriMo is coming back in April. What’s this elusive camp, you ask? It’s a virtual camp for writers where we’re placed in different virtual cabins – either randomly or by choice – and we work on our writing goals. Camp activities are optional but encouraged. What do you need before …