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Let’s start over, shall we? [an update and what’s to come]

I’m not really starting over. Not really. Okay, maybe I’m just trying to convince myself because I kind of made a scary move. I declared a niche.   Okay, some of you, especially you authors, are thinking So what? I declared one when I first started writing! But, dear reader, this is a big deal …

Thursday Talks

Writing and a 21-Day Meditation Experience

This post will be a heavier topic than usual, but I think that’s okay. Life is sometimes profound and deep, and we, as authors and readers, shouldn’t shy away from those ideas. Of course, it’s April, which means it’s Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve written a few posts on this already. What I haven’t done, however, was …


Weekly camp check-in

Here we are! It’s a week into Camp NaNoWriMo, [Has it really been a week already?!] so here’s my check-in. The first three days of Camp, I resisted the urge to dive into my story, and I spent quality time creating an outline. Or, at least, some notes I can use that’ll help keep everything …